For us quality is satisfaction of the individual requirements and expectations of our customers. Certification of our company underscores our attitude toward both quality and the environment.

Our goal is the constant enhancement of both customer satisfaction and the quality of our products. We place a high priority on the development and employment of cost-efficient manufacturing processes that save on resources at the same time.

What is important to us in the case of the required processes is that we constantly improve them in a way that is compatible with the environment. We made certification of our company possible with this resolute attitude and, in particular, with the assistance of our qualified and motivated staff.

Certificate for Customer Satisfaction

The introduction of our quality management system in accordance with ISO TS 16949:2002 stands for continuing enhancement of customer satisfaction and satisfaction of customer-specific requirements.

Optimization in Conformity with the Environment

The environmental management system ISO 14001 stands for resolute integration of processes that are friendly to the environment. It provides for a constant process of optimization when it comes to manufacturing.

Certificate ISO-TS 16949
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Environmental Certificat ISO 14001:2004
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