Successful work for the automobile industry-for more than 70 years.

In the year 1935 the brothers Heinrich and Richard Weppler founded their company: H.u.R.Weppler oHG. There was great demand for the production of tank and carburetor filters for motorcycles and soon the company had to move to larger premises at Eschborner Landstraße in Frankfurt Rödelheim.

In 1945 a further task is added to the manufacturing of filters for motorcycles; namely, the production of tank and oil filters for the VW Beetle. The company has a total of 12 staff at this point in time.

Fabric filters have been developed and manufactured at the company since the beginning of the 1960s. This period also sees the start of cooperation with Robert Bosch GmbH and joint developments for injection systems. In the year 1965 Dipl.-Ing. Heinz Weppler, the son of Heinrich Weppler, joins the company. By the end of the sixties the company’s range of products had increased to include:

  • oil filters
  • gas filters
  • water filters
  • air filters and sieves
  • fuel filters and sieves

In the year 1977 Heinz Weppler and Albert Eckert, the son-in-law of Richard Weppler, take over joint management of the company. Shortly thereafter Weppler Filter GmbH is founded due to restructuring. Cooperation with Bosch and ATE is intensified over the years and leads to developments in the production of filters for ABS systems. In the meantime the company’s workforce continues to increase and in 1985 there are 120 staff. The company’s next move is to Zimmersmühlenweg in Oberursel in 1986.

With Dipl.-Ing. Stephan Weppler, the son of Heinz Weppler, another family member joins the company in 1994. Stephan Weppler then takes over management of the company in the year 2004. Andrea Eckert, the granddaughter of Richard Weppler, has been working at the company since 2006 and takes over management in 2007.

Our History Year by Year
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