Bosch Prime Vendor

Quality. Continuity. Future-oriented. Descriptions that are synonymous with the name Weppler Filter GmbH. It is precisely for these values that Bosch named us as its prime vendor and has presented us with the Bosch Supplier Award on a regular basis for more than 20 years.

With this award the company honors the performance of its best suppliers: quality, faithfulness to deadlines, price behavior, innovative strength. Other important selection criteria include the environmental compatibility of products and solutions as well as the preservation of resources. Weppler Filter devotes special attention to these areas.

In the year 2007 we received the award for the eleventh consecutive time-as the only Bosch supplier worldwide.

Awards from Continental

A strong connection to Alfred Teves GmbH developed at the company’s former location in Frankfurt Rödelheim, a linear distance of only 500 meters away. Our former neighborhood provided for good business relations which continue to develop to this very day. Over the years we established ourselves as a development and series supplier for ATE, today Continental. We received several awards from Continental for our special achievements.

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